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Taranaki Airs Welcome Mitch McCarron as First Import Player for 2024 NBL Season

The Taranaki Airs proudly unveil their latest recruit, extending a warm welcome to Mitch McCarron as their first import player for the highly anticipated 2024 NZNBL season. Head coach Sam Mackinnon, orchestrating a meticulous blend of local prowess and international expertise, reaffirms the team's dedication to achieving excellence with the addition of McCarron.

Coach Mackinnon expressed his eagerness to collaborate with the dynamic combo guard, stating, "Mitch will play a significant role with the club. His leadership speaks volumes, but I can't wait to get to work with him and watch his game redevelop into the elite dynamic combo guard we all know he can be." This statement not only highlights Mackinnon's excitement but also offers insight into the strategic vision for McCarron's contribution in the upcoming season.

Renowned for his tenacity and versatility, Mitch McCarron has left an indelible mark in the Australian NBL through standout performances and an unwavering work ethic. His ability to seamlessly transition between multiple positions and his basketball IQ are expected to be pivotal components of the Airs' game plan for the season.

Beyond the court, the Taranaki Airs remain committed to fostering a team culture rooted in community engagement and personal development. General Manager Cole Brown exudes enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled with Mitch's signing and eagerly anticipate not just his sporting contributions but also embracing him and his family into the Taranaki fold. Our region is the quintessence of community spirit and an idyllic setting for nurturing a young family."

With McCarron joining the ranks, the Airs send a resounding message – they are formidable contenders for the 2024 season. The team eagerly looks forward to integrating Mitch's wealth of experience and leadership into their roster as they prepare to face the Manawatu Jets in the season opener on March 30th.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact: Cole Brown –

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