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The Taranaki Airs basketball team is proud to announce the launch of our latest community initiative, Threes for Trees. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement, we will plant an native plant for every three-pointer scored by our team at home games throughout the season. 

The primary objective of the Threes for Trees initiative is to contribute positively to the environment by increasing the number of native plants in our community. By tying each tree planting to a successful three-pointer made by our team, we aim to encourage both fans and players to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts. 

Planting Trees
Airs in action

For every three-pointer scored by the Taranaki Airs during home games, the club will collaborate with local environmental organisations to identify suitable locations for planting native trees. 

Native plants will be selected based on their suitability to the local ecosystem and their contribution to biodiversity. 

Planting events will be organised periodically throughout the season, with the participation of players, coaching staff, fans, and volunteers from the community. 

The club will document and share updates on the number of trees planted, showcasing the positive impact of the initiative on social media platforms and during home games. 

Planting Trees


Environmental Impact

By planting native trees, we contribute to the preservation and restoration of native ecosystems, enhancing biodiversity and mitigating climate change.

Community Engagement

Threes for Trees provides an opportunity for fans and community members to actively participate in a meaningful cause, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in our team's efforts beyond the basketball court.

Public Awareness

The initiative raises awareness about environmental issues and the importance of sustainable practices, inspiring others to take action and make a positive difference in their communities.

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